Track Order

If you want to track your order fill in your tracking number in the "Track Order" window above and you can track your order! You will get your tracking number by email once the package is shipped. 

Please Note:

The order confirmation email will be sent when you purchased.

The shipping confirmation email will be sent when we updated the tracking number, please click the “VIEW YOUR ORDER” button and you will see all your order information.

Order information may not appear in the tracking system until shipment, so sometimes it may show you "Tracking does not exist." Please wait 48 to 72 hours after receiving your shipping confirmation email to track your shipment.



  • What means 'Pending'?
    This means your item is on its way or at the sorting centrum of the airlines. The item will be shipped by plane in between 1 - 5 days. Then you will see it in the tracking system!
  • What should I do when it says ''Tracking doesn't exist''?
    Please don't worry when your tracking number says this. This probably means the item should arrive first to the airlines. If it keeps saying this, it is possible our tracking system that doesn't support the tracking code you have. Contact us and we will check for you how far your item is!
  • Can I track my item somewhere else?
    Yes, you can track it at the local post office and insert your tracking code here. Please note: this is only possible when you can see that the item is shipped by plane. Otherwise, your tracking code will not work on these websites.
    - Where to find: please go to your local post office website
  • What should I do when the delivery was unsuccessful?
    The item is probably at the nearest post office. Please go to the post office with your ID to collect your item.
  • How does the tracking system work when the item is sent from a warehouse overseas?
The step-by-step explanation:
1. Confirmation Email:
An item is shipped, the customer gets a confirmation email with a tracking code.
2. Pending:
The item is shipped to the airline or in sorting center from the airline.
3. Ready for shipment:
The item is ready to go on the plane to its destination
4. Shipped from overseas:
The item is shipped with the plane and off to its destination
5. Arrived at custom:
The item arrived in the country and is now at the customs. They will check the item before releasing it.
6. Handover to the local post office:
The local post office receives the package from the custom and will sort it out
7. The item is out for delivery:
The post office sorted the item and will deliver it as soon as possible.
8. The item is now successfully delivered.